shared appreciation mortgage definition

Definition of shared appreciation mortgage (SAM): Mortgage, arranged (written) usually at below-market interest rates, entitling the lender (mortgagee) a portion.

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You take out a $200,000 first mortgage at 4.5 percent interest and a silent second shared equity loan gives you the remaining $50,000. You pay the first mortgage monthly payments (about $1,000 per month) but you don’t have to make any monthly payments on the silent second mortgage. So, you are able to buy a home that was previously out of reach.

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Shared-equity mortgages (also called shared appreciation mortgages) are mortgages where the mortgage issuer acts as both a lender and an investor. In a shared-equity mortgage arrangement, the homebuyer sells a percentage of their property (including future gains in property value) to the lender in exchange for a reduction in the size of their loan.

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Shared appreciation loan modifications. Since the economic downturn, yet another form of the shared appreciation mortgage has emerged, this time as a type of loan modification intended to help homeowners in fiscal difficulty. Instead of helping them buy a home, it helps borrowers hang onto the home they already have.

shared-appreciation mortgage, n. A home loan in which the lender offers a below-market interest rate in exchange for sharing in the profit when the home is sold. Usually done only with private funds/lenders.

Definition of SHARED APPRECIATION MORTGAGE (SAM): A mortgage that is written at a rate that is less than the market rate that will give the lender an increased value in the property that is being

Pursuant to the terms and conditions of the HOPE Program, the Borrower shall grant the Lender an equity and appreciation interest in the Property by executing a Shared Equity Note, Shared Appreciation Note, shared equity mortgage (the "SEM") and Shared Appreciation Mortgage (the "SAM") of even date herewith with the SEM and SAM to be.