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Pre-approved is different than just pre-qualified. In this article we’ll break down the mortgage pre-approval process. generally, most lenders will not charge a fee to get a borrower pre-approved. Some smaller lenders and mortgage brokers may charge a small fee for the credit report.

A mortgage pre-approval refers to a letter from your lender indicating that you meet the standards for a home loan within a certain price range. Pre-approval, on the other hand, proves to sellers that you’ve already been through the preliminary underwriting process and your financing is likely to go.

Mortgage pre-approval is an offer from a lender to issue you a certain mortgage total at a specific interest rate. You will gain final approval by contacting your lender or broker, who will verify your finances once more. You may be asked to provide further documentation at this point.

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A mortgage pre-approval letter from a lender assures you, sellers and real estate agents that you have the ability to a complete the purchase of any home that meets the lender’s guidelines. Mortgage pre-approval shows you what you can afford to spend and what your monthly payment will look like.

Type of Loan Purchase/Pre-Approval mortgage refinance switch mortgage Renewals Equity Loans Commercial. Mortgage broker testimonials. "I had a great experience dealing with this company. I was especially thankful that they were able to provide me with a mortgage education.

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Pre-approval indicates to sellers that the potential buyer is serious and has the financial wherewithal to actually complete the purchase. For buyers, obtaining a mortgage pre-approval is usually straightforward–patience and organization are normally all that’s required.

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Let’s talk mortgage pre approval and mortgage pre qualification, and the difference between the two when buying a home. So, you’ve finally decided to move.

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